The Program Committee of the First GRIPS Student Conference invites proposals on any issue in economics, political science, and social policy that is relevant to the conference theme. Below are some broad areas in which we invite presentations.


  • Development economics and /or microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International economics
  • Monetary economicsDevelopment economics and /or microeconomics

Political Science

  • Public administration and governance
  • International relations
  • Traditional and non-traditional security
  • International political economy
  • Democratization

Social Policy

  • Education and cultural policy
  • Culture and development
  • Gender and development
  • Policy design and implementation
  • Public policy

We particularly welcome papers from graduate student scholars seeking to contribute to the quality and direction of scholarship on the challenges facing emerging economies.

Both quantitative and qualitative papers are welcome. Presenters will have 20 to 25 minutes to present and answer questions. Presenters are encouraged to use PowerPoint. The official language of the conference is English.

How to Submit a Proposal and a Paper

  • Submit an abstract of 200-500 words by Monday, 20th August, 2012.
  • All abstracts must include a title, author(s)’ name(s), affiliation, and e-mail, and 3-5 keywords. The abstract should describe the theme of the paper, the theory and research method used, and a summary of main conclusions.
  • Papers should be submitted no later than August 27, 2012, to be included in the conference materials. Papers should be in English, between 20 and 30 pages (double spaced), and should follow APA reference style.

Email your submission to For inquiries, contact the following people:


August 20: Submission of abstracts for review.

August 27: Submission of papers for publication in the conference brochure.

August 31: Submission of presentation slides

Authors will be notified of their status within one month after submitting an abstract.

Proposal Selection Criteria

  • Relevance of the proposal to the conference themes
  • Opportunities for attendees to develop new skills or learn about new practices
  • Clear outline of the purpose and structure of the presentation